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  • Projects are available on all plans.

  • Free plans are limited to one project with a default voice.


Projects are the top level of organization for the work done in Voxable. A project typically represents one voice or chat experience. A projects contains all the scripts, data, prototypes, UI elements and settings that describe a single bot experience. View all Projects for an account in the Account Dashboard.

Project Settings


Voxable users can design for any conversational channel, but selecting a channel will affect how Projects are previewed and shared. See Voxable’s roadmap and give feedback about the channels Voxable supports.

Voice Selection

Interactions with vocalized speech output need a synthesized voice. Voxable users can design with all 31 languages and dialects supported by Amazon Polly, the Amazon Web Services text-to-speech (TTS) service. Learn more about Voice Selection in Voxable for a comprehensive list of the voices available and languages supported. Only Professional and Team accounts can add Voice Selection. Explore Voxable account types.

Voxable Assistant

The Voxable Assistant generates content based on the industry and personality traits defined in the Project Settings. Learn more about the Voxable Assistant and how it can help automate conversational AI workflows.

Create a Project

Projects can be created in the Account Dashboard. To create a project:

  1. Click the 🛠 New Project button.

  2. Add a project title.

  3. Select the channel(s) for the bot being designed.*.

  4. Select a voice.

  5. Select an industry.

  6. Add personality traits from the list.

  7. Click Create Project.

*Note: Select Chatbot and no other channels to preview a chatbot experience in Preview Mode.

Manage Project Settings

Project Settings can be accessed from the top navigation while in the Project Dashboard or Script Editor. To manage Project Settings:

  1. Click the ProjectName or ⚙️ icon to show the Project Settings panel.

  2. Update Project Settings.

  3. Click Update Project.

The Project Dashboard

Once a project is created, the Project Dashboard is displayed. The Project Dashboard is the view of all the scripts contained within a project.

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