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  • Branches are available on all plans.


Conversational interactions can take various paths. Account for these variations by adding branches within a script. Branches represent different responses a user might have to a bot message. Branches can be located below any bot message and are indicated by diamond icons. The diamond icon highlighted in orange is the branch currently being viewed or edited.

Add a New Branch

To add a new branch:

  1. Click the add branch text below a bot message.

  2. Click the field to the right of the of the user avatar 👤 .

  3. Type a user message. (User message fields currently support a single plain text entry.)

  4. Press return or enter on the keyboard.

Switch Branches

To view previously created branches and switch between them in the script:

  1. Open a bot message.

  2. Below the bot message, hover over the diamond icons to preview the branch contents.

  3. Click on the diamond icon of the branch to view or edit.

The number of diamond icons below any bot message indicates how many branches exist at that point in the script. The highlighted diamond with a line descending from it indicates the branch currently being viewed or edited.

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