The Voxable Assistant

The Voxable Assistant is a conversational AI built into the Voxable platform that helps users generate content, prototype interactions, and audit voice and tone.

Message Generation

The Voxable Assistant can generate user or bot messages in the Script Editor with the click of a button. Message generation is useful to anticipate what a user might say or get ideas for how the bot might respond. Messages generated by the Voxable Assistant require human review to ensure they are appropriate for the intended use case.

The Voxable Assistant creates messages based on Project Settings and other content in the project. Voxable users can set the Industry and Personality Traits to influence the language the Voxable Assistant generates.

Generate a Message in the Script Editor

Messages can be generated from the Script Editor for bot and user messages.

  1. Open a script.

  2. If there is no initial user and bot message, add both of those messages to the script.

  3. Select a blank user or bot message.*

  4. Select the lightning bolt icon in the bottom right corner of a message block.

  5. The generated message will appear in the block.

  6. Edit the message.

*Note: A script's initial user and bot messages cannot be generated by the Voxable Assistant.

Update Message Generation Settings

Message generation settings can be found in Project Settings.

  1. Click the ProjectName or ⚙️icon to show Project Settings.

  2. Scroll down to the Design Assistant section.

  3. Add an Industry from the drop down menu by searching or scrolling the list of industries.

  4. Add Personality Traits from the drop down menu by searching or scrolling the list of personality traits.

  5. Click Update Project.

Automated Prototypes (early release)

Voxable users can automatically generate prototypes from Voxable scripts and interact with them directly in the browser. This allows teams to review and optimize the conversational experience before investing in development. To start generating automated prototypes with the Voxable Assistant, request early access to this feature.

Automated Voice & Tone Auditing (early release)

The Voxable Assistant can review content in projects to ensure it is consistent with established brand and tone guidelines. Voxable users can define brand and tone guidelines by creating examples of messages that conform to and violate their project’s guidelines. After establishing brand and tone guidelines in Voxable, users can request an audit. The Voxable Assistant will review every bot message in the project and flag any messages that violate the guidelines. The Voxable Assistant will even suggest edits. To start auditing voice and tone automatically with the Voxable Assistant, request early access to this feature.

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